n. ˌdan-də-ˈlā-dē A suitable life partner for a Dandelion, "Look at the lady and the lion-- they're so dandy together."
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Stop This Train (cover)- Cameron Mitchell

When Hannah moved to LA, we stayed with Cam and he burned a bunch of his songs and covers for us to listen to on the second half of our journey. His version of this is my favorite and I could cry I am so happy I even tried to look for this on the internet. 


I was left alone in a cabin with a pot of coffee. 

I want to be alone in a cabin with a pot of coffee again. 

That’s what people do who love you. They put their arms around you and love you when you’re not so lovable.
 Deb Caletti  (via lovely—delight)
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Local Natives-Who Knows Who Cares


i like that all the mama’s expressions are like “I DID IT! I MADE THESE FUZZY BURRITOS”


the girl with the pink bikini
 by Dennis Fischer
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Cleanse Song//Bright Eyes

Hear the chimes, did you know that the wind when it blows
It is older than Rome and our joy and our sorrow?

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